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Ticklers Revenge is your one-stop-shop to enjoy BDSM / kink-fetish parties with emphasis on tickling. TR parties are perfect for singles and couples. Tickle the live action models &/or they can tickle you! --Bring your kinky tickle toys or S & M arsenal because Ticklers Revenge parties are "Anything Goes" so long as its individually consensual with the kinky live action models and guests. Yes means YES!! --So please be courteous & ask if its ok to play how you want to PLAY!!

Sessions with the llive-action models are $30usd per 15mins of session play time

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Are you an attractive natural born female? What if you could supplement your income by tickling & / or getting tickled?
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Our Models -Please note that the actual models in attendance at our parties depends on their schedules

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...Many More Live Action Models are available

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